Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Makeup

Cleopatra is one of the original beauty divas, just thought I'd chime in with some dramatic makeup tips to complete this dazzling style.

This Cleopatra look correlates rather nicely with several Fall 2008 trends: winged-out eyeliner, ample brows, hints of metallic, and boldly colored shadows. Here are some tips on how to apply Cleopatra's makeup:

Complexion — Choose a matte foundation for a flawless finish.

Eyes — Using a black eyebrow pencil, fill in brows with a high arch. Heavily line eyes with a creamy black liner, extending far past your outer corners. Use a deeply pigmented green or bluish-green shadow to fill in from lash line to brow and inner corner to outer corner. Glue on shimmery false lashes to complete.

Blush — For a bright glow, sweep a peachy shade across your cheeks.

Lips — With all the drama focused on the eyes, keep the lips semi-matte to matte in a nude or peach shade.

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Source: BellaSugar

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