Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beauty IS Pain.....Please Recognize!

Ask any woman and she will tell you “beauty is pain.” Not only does it mean that it hurts to stay attractive (Bikini wax anyone?) but that it's also a pain in her butt (which happens to be nicely toned from 5 days in the gym at Spin Class before work or from sipping a Rum & Diet Coke at the dinner party because she is counting freaking points on Weight Watchers!) to keep up the upkeep. Using vacation days to squeeze in our facials because there is a 2-month long waiting list for a Saturday morning appointment; rushing home after work to be there for your UPS delivery of custom blend hair from Miami; befriending the snotty and uptight sales lady at Saks 5th Avenue so you can be the FIRST person she calls when the purple, patent leather, peep-toe, ankle strap Brian Atwood sandals arrive in size 9; or how about the Spanxx, girdles, and duct-tape that we use to fit into that dress that turns heads every time we wear it?!?! SOMEBODY NEEDS TO RECOGNIZE ALL THE EFFORT, DEDICATION, AND HARD WORKS IT TAKES TO BE A DIVA 24-7!!!!!

Now lets talks about those women who choose the easier road by maintaining the hygiene habits of an 11-year-old boy: short and dirty finger nails, not shaving (anywhere) often enough, and getting her hair cut and colored at a salon that still specialize in perms because she has no interest in spending 3+ hours in a chic salon, and she cares more about comfort than style by choosing Timbs over stilettos!(OMG, that sounds so horrible and an offense that should be punishable by death, right?) You know someone like this, she is probably sitting in the cubicle or office next to you, or rides the train with you in the morning - there IS a difference between her and "we"!!! Why are these women excused yet "we" above (the 24-7 DIVAS in case you were lost) are referred to as shallow, superficial, uncomfortable in our own skin, and/or plastic?!?!

Would a National Holiday in our recognition be too much to ask? The tree-huggers have Arbor Day, the gays have National Coming Out Day (HEY NOW!), the IRS has Tax Day, even the football lovers have Super Bowl Sunday! The closest that we DIVAS have is NY Fashion Week....and who sacrifices a week of vacation days for that when we need those days for our permanent lash extension appointment, the fist day of the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, and other maintenance related services! LOL

Or how about a tax write-off - "we" can write-off salon visits and nail polish purchases while they can write-off Tampon purchases and chapstick?

Just one to think on....

Smooches & High-Maintenance Quick Claps,

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  1. Beauty is not pain in my opinion. I am quite sure you have seen pics of Halle Berry on a Saturday morning going to get coffee. Gorgeous. Of course beauty is pain if you have to go through so many regimens to maintain it. What matters is that the person is comfortable with themselves.
    Maybe you haven't asked every woman...or maybe you only asked the "dark butts" as yung berg would say. Oh, if you need spanxx, girdles and or duct tape you are not hitting the gym hard enough!! LOL beauty is pain..I was not interviewed for this article. Unless my opinion didn't count. It should read, Ask some women.


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