Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Laws of Attraction

How do we own our natural sexiness in a world that's constantly selling us an artifical version of it?

Capturing the essence of sex and customizing it to our own needs and tastes is difficult. Women who posses an innate eroticism tend to do the least amount of worrying about how they measure up to popular images of sexiness. Sexiness is not an article of clothing, it's all about self-assurance ladies! We all know at least on "Unlikely Hot Girl" (I being one of them), she's the less than totally attractive woman who mysteriously draws men (or women in my case) to her as though she was the last female on a remote tropical island. It's not the she's ugly, she's just notably imperfect. Maybe she has crooked teeth, a bump on her nose, or bad skin (or a few extra pounds like myself). Maybe the worst thing we can say about her is that she's not as attractive as we like to think we ourselves are. So why is she being madly pursued.....self-assurance is the key to projecting attractiveness!

You do not need to initiate a strip tease to be the sexiest girl in the room, use these welcome gestures through body language:

1. Make eye contact, a quick glance communicates interest and a lingering look moves it a step


2. Touch your clothes, adjusting your necklace or smoothing the hemline if your skirt leads the

the eye to the feminine parts of your body without being vulgar.

3. Be on your toes, staying on your feet at a party of gathering makes you look confident. So skip

the 5" heels if they have a 30 minute limit!

4. Don't cross! Crossing your ankles and folding your arms says "stay away". Open posture says

that you welcome interaction.

And remember, being at home in your own skin is the SEXIEST thing of all!

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  1. So if crossing ones legs at the ankles is being "standoffish" perhaps, should a lady such as myself cross my legs at all? I am used to crossing at the ankles so please advise.

  2. Hey flygirlfromflorida....I say full cross your legs, especially if you have on a dress or skirt since it will reveal a bit of leg! (wink) And actually, if you are in pants then it will show of the shape of your legs and booty.

    Smooches & Quick Claps


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