Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jenny From the Block's Nude Nails

A do or a don't?
Normally Jenny's nails are perfectly polished, from neo-Jackie O to hip-hop queen. (Tell me you don’t remember that bedazzled bandanna she wore when she was with Diddy!) But her choice of polish last week threw me off: I’m just not sure what I think of those beige talons. I like subtle shades, but the hue completely blends in with her skin tone. It’s kind of pretty in a way, but it’s also…I don’t know, something I can imagine a senior citizen wearing at bingo night.
So I’ll open up the question up to you guys: Should your polish match your skin this closely? And are you getting on board with the long nail trend or are you staying short?
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Smooches & Non-Nude Nail Quick Claps

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  1. I think for her, this particular shade works. It kind of reminds me of a jazzed up eye with a nude lipstick. Maybe she was looking to bring attention to something other than her nails... the ring maybe? Or maybe is a season things, or maybe the babies are already chewing on her fingers (nah, they probably have nanny fingers that they chew on instead).

    I don't know, I kind of like the shade on her, although I usually go for something that is at least a shade lighter than my skin (I am chocolate complexioned like you).


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