Monday, September 1, 2008

Here's to beer!

This cool refreshing brew wasn't only made to be a perfect summer sidekick, it comes in handy for beauty too!!! (thank God cause I think it tastes AWFUL! AND there is nothing worse than seeing a young lady or woman guzzling beer directly from the bottle - HOLY INAPPRORIATENESS!!!)

I digress......the yeast in beer softens weary, callused feet. Try this treatment at home since I doubt the local spa will allow you to:

1) Send children, significant others, and all animals away!

2) Pour 1 bottle of lager into warm water.

3) Soak 10 minutes.

4) Massage 1 cup Epsom salt and the juice of 1 lime onto feet and legs

5) Rinse & dry.

6) Pop bottle of Nuvo and relax!!

Smooches & Happy Labor Day

PS - I know the "traditional" rule is NO WHITE after Labor Day (yes Mom, I know) but this is a new darn day ladies, white can and should be worn all year round!!

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