Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Men Pen

Okay, so my Boo is a dedicated reader (they didn't hire me as a Freelance Writer so I am on Bossip strike) and she came across an add one day - for Men's Concealer.....curious, we both followed the link to

Hmmmm, would an average man use concealer for everyday use? Hell, would the average man use concealer at all? The site seems to think so with customer testimony and such wording as "The pocket size men's makeup stick goes with you while at work or the club" - the club?!?!?! This is where I draw the line; can you imagine a man out on the town with his boys, making a mad dash to the men's room, to apply his concealer in the mirror next to the urinals?!?! LMAO LOL HELL NAW, NEGATIVE, COULDN'T IMAGINE IT!

And if you DID find a concealer in your man's pocket......what would you think? Would it be assumed that he is gay?????

Just passing along some valuable information.

Smooches & Men Pen Quick Claps!

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