Monday, August 25, 2008

Flip Swap

Flipswap makes it easy to give mobile phones a second shot at life by offering fast, free and eco-friendly ways to trade them in. The average American buys a new cell phone every 12 months, which means more than one hundred million working phones become unused every year. Flipswap provides an easy way for consumers and businesses to make sure that these phones get put back into use by offering cash or store credit for them and then getting them into the hands of people that can’t afford a new phone.
Flipswap realizes that most of these phones could have a long, useful life ahead of them. So they created a unique way of collecting them to make sure that potentially long lifespan is achieved. Instead of being thrown in a drawer or in the trash, cell phones can now be traded in for instant store credit at one of over 4,000 participating Flipswap retail locations, or traded-in for cash at

So whether you’ve got one old phone in a drawer at home or a warehouse of overstocked or returned handsets, Flipswap’s family of services will pay you to recycle. It has never been this easy to be green!
Green Smooches & FREE CASH Quick Claps

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