Friday, August 8, 2008

FAB On MY Feet Friday!

Did you noticed I changed the title from FAB on Your Feet Friday to FAB on MY Feet Friday?!?! LOL (sorry, I got side tracked this week) Anywho, these lovely tootsie are mine - coming live and direct from Horizon BCBS of NJ on the 10th floor!!! LOL

I ADORE these shoes - not only because they are HOT but because my Boo hand selected and purchased these at one of our DSW runs in Chesapeake, VA! Black fabric, white piping, 4" cork-like heel and platform......DELICIOUS!!! (and perfect with a white dress)

Replay by Steve Madden, $69.95



  1. Okay, I am SO loving the theme music!!!!!

  2. I find the "Fab on your foot" shoe to be simply in my words "OK", nothing to gasp about. I gander at your sight periodically, and its a cute sight, i have to admit. I do however,since your encouraging honesty, suggest that you use spell check when writing your articles. You would come across much more informative if your articles were more polished and stream lined. Be careful about your grammer,and punctuation as well. This is just an opinion from me to you. I respect your plight and hope that you can produce quality work for all to appreciate. Thank you for your time.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for visiting the site periodically, I appreciate all my readers!!!

    The purpose of Fab On You Feet Friday is to showcase the "everyday" woman on an "everyday" budget with shoes that SHE loves. I showcase shoes that make us gasp for the Shoe of the Week but it's usually not an affordable shoe. This segment is dedicated to people like me who are fab, feel fab, and make it work in this economy.

    Thank you for your suggestions on spelling grammar, I certainly will take more time to check these before I post.

    Please feel free to leave additional comments, I LOVE FEEDBACK!

    Smooches & Quick Claps


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