Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nail Essentials

I saw this in the May Allure Magazine (yeah, I am a couple of months behind on reading my fashion/beauty mags) and I HAD TO HAVE IT! I finally can admit that I am OCD with my hair but I think that my nails possibly could be in the running for second place, LOL. I am a firm believer in clean, manicured nails and can not believe that I wore wildly designed acrylic nails for 11 years!!! (note to self, burn the pics where I am wearing long square shaped acrylic nails)
First there is the Nail Nutrition Daily Growth Treatment which you brush on your nails to nourish and hydrate with 11 natural ingredients. Easy enough, I can handle that!
Then there is the Nail Essentials Dietary Supplement which is a once daily Biotin (great for hair, skin, and nails - can you say triple threat!) & antioxidant pill to stimulate growth, smooth ridges, and improve nail strength.
I just started these last week so check back in 4 weeks to see my progress.

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