Monday, July 21, 2008

Have You Ever Faked Happiness?

Have you? We as women are the masters at "faking" it - we have faked hair color, hair length, eye color, cup size, nails, tans, orgasms, eyelashes, fur.....hell, I have even faked eyebrows! (yep, once upon a time they were completely shaven off and I spend at least 20 minutes every morning drawing them bitches on!!! LOL) And yes, I have faked myself into believing that I was happy in the past.

Society puts SO much pressure on women to get married and procreate that you start to feel less than if you have not given your uterus a workout by passing a baby the size of a house cat through your vagina! The fear of being alone caused me to cancel out my sanity and the ability to think in a reasonable manner.

I was in some of the most awkward, emotionally draining, physically unpleasing, miserable relationships all in the name of being part of a "WE". Saying yes to things that I wanted to say no to, hand-holding, ego-stroking, cheerleading, over nurturing, compromising to the point of bending - JUST TOTALLY TAKEN OUT OF MY SPACE, to the point that I barely recognized myself once I abrupty broke things off and the smoke cleared from the getaway car! Was all of this worth it just to avoid being single?

I do not regret any of my past losers nor the sleepless nights, endless crying, or heartaches they caused, I learned alot over the years. These situations made me the woman that I am today and led me to the woman who is my soulmate....

So let's pop a bottle, raise our glasses, and toast to all the years of faking it under my belt!

Smooches & Faux Quick Claps,

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