Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Buy & Try

These are TOTALLY the cutest tweezers I have seen!! Okay, so I know that it doesn't matter what your tweezers look like it's just about their performance.....but since we all own & use a pair and since this is a blog dripping in shallowness, we can so discuss a pair of fashionable tweezers! (QUICK CLAPS)
I have a plucking confession - I love to pluck my brows and the few chin hairs that pop up in an attempt to ruin my flawless reputation (you know you have them too) IN THE CAR!!! The visor mirror is the best place to see like really see ever hair that exists on your face ladies, especially in direct sunlight. (I lie to you not, try it when you get in the car today)
I digress, these fab tweezers above are by Tweezerman and Rubis. They are precision tweezers that make the results of even the shakiest hand damn near perfect!
Smooches & Car Tweezing Quick Claps

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