Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just Say No.....

Acid Wash Skinny Jeans - PERIOD. (just saying it makes my teeth hurt and lips puckers like I ate something sour) Look at these things, I just can not find the words to express how absolutely horrible these things are!

Maybe I am biased because I wore acid wash in the 80s and swore that I would never revisit along with the banana clip and Madonna bracelets. Can you think of any one person who would look good, hell decent in these?

Scenerio: It's Friday night and we are all scheduled to meet at The Cafeteria on 7th Ave for after work drinks at 7pm. I show up in these acid wash jeans, a vintage Wonder Woman t-shirt, and a pair of SICK pumps! (they have to be FAB shoes, it makes the scenerio more believable) Would you, as my friend and fellow fashionista, tell me how utterly ridiculous I look and make me pinky swear to never, ever, EVER knock the dust off of this 80s trend?

Bottom line - not all throw back styles can look fresh in modern day fashion.

Smooches & NON ACID WASH Quick Claps!

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