Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm a Stalker - Part II

BeyonJay or no BeyonJay??? No one is talking, nothing has been confirmed, what are we to do?

Now, this pic was brought to my attention by my Boo (hey Papi, decided to remove your pics since they were becoming more popular than what I - the QUEEN - had to say! lol) because Jay is looking EXTRA tanned, right? Like maybe he's been away on a secret honeymoon or a FABULOUS bachelor party?!?!

But lets talk about Bey - the hair, HATED IT! Okay seriously, she isn't looking tanned to me. Does this mean that she didn't go away with Jay? Or did she have sunscreen and a fabulous sun hat on this secret honeymoon on the French Riviera? I can imagine her in a white and yellow Gucci bikini from the spring like, with strappy gold Christian Lacroix sandals, and a wide brimmed crisp white sun hat......sorry - got caught up in my own damn vision, I digress. Maybe the "wedding" that we think happened was just an engagement party and Jay had his bachelor party in the Mediterranean while Bey and the girls celebrated by shopping in Paris or Milan?

And what's with the awkward pose? I LOVE me some Bey but she is always posed, even at a Houston Rockets game!! (I bet you she has on some sick pumps too) I just feel like she is a trained monkey - sitting erect and angled just ever so slightly to hide that alleged 16-carat ring that she's been blessed with!

I need some answers, someone needs leak a photo. Or how about a small hint? SOMETHING, the suspense is killing us right?

Or is it just me?? LOL

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