Monday, January 28, 2008

Rihanna's Boots

I like Rihanna topically, I love the hair cut and her choices of red carpet dresses (Proenza Schuler) and shoes (Christian Louboutin) always tickle my fancy from time to time......but I would not call her a fashion icon of sorts. I do like that she takes risks with her fashion while performing as she has done in the pic above! (the leather halter top and leather hot pants are a bit much for a woman of a certain age but we can certainly rock the hell out of these boots!)

The boots are cute enough to not only be used in your bedroom to seduce your boo BUT can also be work worn on a night on the town depending on your destination. (strip club, biker bar, urban-chic location, etc) AND, shockingly the boots are only $73 compared to the thousands that most celebrities spend on footwear.

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