Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Relationship Rejection

Relationship rejection is one of those nasty byproducts that come along with dating and some marriages. Most of us don’t have skin thick enough to completely ward off the effects....we are “only human” after all. However, when one person tells another that they aren’t a good match, politely or otherwise, you can’t help but feel the pain of rejection. This isn’t the soft pain that you associate with asking someone out and them saying no. This is relationship rejection and it comes after feelings have been seriously committed. When this happens, keep the following tips in mind:

Address the Pain
It’s no use hiding in your bed or behind a big bottle of wine. You’re bound to feel a great deal of pain and it’s good to embrace it. Rejection hurts but you need to face it to fix it and move on.

Avoid Needless Anguish
Some relationships are worth fighting for, to be sure, but really take a look at what the reasons were that led to the breakup or rejection. You don’t want to beat a dead horse, let it go and spend your time planning for YOUR future.

Keep Occupied
As good as it is to face rejection, you also need to ensure that you’re not compounding the pain by dwelling needlessly on it. Get outside, get together with friends, join a club and keep social. Not only will it be better for you mentally, but it can also serve as an intro to your next relationship.

The Right Person for You is a Step Closer
The truth of the matter is that by not spending time with someone who knows you’re not right for them, you’re opening up time in your life for someone who is right. After all, life is busy enough as is to spend what little free time we have with Mr. or Ms. Wrong.

Everyone faces rejection. It’s a part of dating and relationships. You might feel the sting for days, weeks or months to come, but when you keep focused on your goal of finding the right connection as opposed to the wrong one, you’re bound to bounce back and be all the better for it - so GET OVER IT!!!

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  1. Thanks for this article. When you get all alone think about what happned, you really feel sorry for yourself. I always ask God Why me?? But i got answer today. Everything happens for good. So i am not going to hold it anymore, i will let it go.


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