Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Money SHOULD Buy You Better!

What the HELL is that on Mr. Duncan's arm.....is that the Real Roxanne reincarnated in 2008? She looks like she was plucked off a box of Dark n' Lovely circa 1983!!! Money SHOULD buy him a better broad than this!
Now, Michael Clark Duncan may not be a HUGE star (like a C-List Celebrity, maybe even a B on the right day) but he has worked consistently over the years. HELLO, he was in the Green Mile - doesn't that count for a panty upgrade?
I never understood the whole "blond" phenomenon with black women but if you MUST do blond and add blond tracks, is it too much to ask for your own hair to match the texture of the weave? That is what I call "random ridiculousness" folks.....GET A PERM BITCH! (I am SO sorry that you all have to hear me speak like this, I am usually way more refined.....NOT! LOL) And I am not sure if you can see it, but I swear home girl has a crimp in the front - like the ones you get with gel and the metal clips from back in the day!!!!
PS - And take the $10 dress off and return to the Salvation Army you bought it from in '85!

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