Friday, January 11, 2008

Great Trends for 2008

Kick start the New Year in style ladies!!

Denim: Say bye bye to those ultra-low-rise super skinnies and hello to wide-leg, flare, trouser, straight, bootcut, and slightly tapered higher-rise jeans. High rise jeans can hit anywhere from an inch or so below the navel, to just at the waist. There are even a few styles with a wider waistband that actually cinches the ribcage. These look fabulous with an ultra feminine blouse and a pair of wedges. One of the best things about high waist styles is that they are perfect for a more than casual look! Make sure the wash is dark, either indigo or black, and a trouser cut style is the most appropriate. Pair with a gorgeous blouse and a feminine jacket, sweater or blazer. Finish off with suede pumps, and a sleek handbag and you are one hot Mamacita.

Metallics: (Not just for parties darlings!) There is nothing like a touch of glitter to make a girl feel girlie! I have always adored a great pair of jeans and a cashmere sweater, but this season I am going to bump it up a notch with a chic pair of metallic wedges and a fabulous wrist piece for a little extra edge. Perhaps even toss a sassy metallic satchel into the mix. Beware, however—too much of a good thing is, well, too much! Keep the metallic touches to a minimum. If you have a fabulous metallic trench, pair it with sleek black trousers, a white turtleneck and fabulous footwear with just a touch of glimmer. Finish with a leather bag and keep the jewelry simple, perhaps just simple pearls.

For all-out glam, this tie-back dress has all it takes. No need to add any additional glitz. I would go with a pair of sheer nude hose and suede platform skyscrapers for textural contrast, then finish with a pop of color in the clutch. Remember, less is more.

Funky Heels: Footwear has taken a whimsical turn this season. Look for wedges with cut-out designs, pumps with stylish tapered heels and architectural inspirations, and sandals with intricately designed heels. Additions of chain, embellishments and studding, plexiglass and acrylic. Whirls of color and texture. Anything goes!

Khaki: From safari jackets, tops and trench coats to cargo pants, dresses and skirts, khaki is the neutral of choice. I adore the sleek look of a crisp white blouse tucked into a gorgeous skirt and topped with an edgy trench coat. Add a pair of chic skyscrapers and a textured tote to complete the ensemble. For a casual weekend look, go with a pair of wide leg khaki trousers, a loose sweater or tank and a twill peacoat. Finish with a pair of flat boots and a great cargo bag. A simple pendant on a chain or a wood bracelet adds a touch of girly to the mix.

Skirts: Flared or A-line. Slightly fitted on top, flared, flirty and swingy at the bottom. These flirty skirts look great paired with tie-neck blouses or sweaters with girly details. Finish with opaque tights and chunky heels or wedges for a very chic look.

Knee Length Dresses: I know, everyone is touting the new ankle-length or "maxi" (don't you just hate that word?) dress, and there are an absolute plethora of adorable ankle-length styles out there, but I just love a classic knee length dress. So feminine. So flirty. So positively gorgeous! AND everyone can see your shoes! Why else does a girl wear a flirty dress if not to be able to show off her equally flirty shoes? 2008 brings several gorgeous styles:

The ├╝ber-chic sheath dress, a fabulous alternative to the requisite business suit. I love the simple and elegant lines of the sheath, but it also looks great with a cinched with a belt to emphasize a tiny waist or womanly curves.

The full skirted floral. A classic in femininity and style. Looks fabulous with skyscrapers, and if you are feeling very Mrs. Cleaver add a string of pearls.

Dresses with pockets! Very architectural in a form meets function kind of way. Just be careful what you carry in said pockets—anything too heavy will ruin the line of the dress.

Arm Candy: Cuff bracelets are still hot, with the addition of statement-making embellishments. Look for bangles of wood and raffia, stone encrusted bracelets, and gem enhanced cuffs

Happy trend shopping girly girls!

XOXO & Smooches,

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