Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Jack Swinging on Them Hoes!

Yes all, that is the ONE and ONLY Al B. Sure! (minus the unibrow and S-Curl) A few weeks ago people were wondering why he was not present at his son's 16th birthday party hosted by his mother Kim Porter and her baby daddy (yes, I said baby daddy) P. Diddy. People speculated that he was a dead beat dad, that he was not invited, etc but now we know the truth.......he was busy New Jack Swinging on the hoes in a new video!!!!! LOL

Now, this video may not be new but I just saw it last night and almost fell out the bed when I heard the familiar tune (I am showing my age here) and looked up to see AL B. Sure - King of the New Jack Swing in the late 80's!!!!!

All we need is for Christopher Williams to resurface, a Guy reunion, and a remake of New Jack City to complete the re-birth of the New Jack Swing!!!

See for yourself........SMOOCHES

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