Monday, October 8, 2007

Cheap Spa Pedicure Alert

Good Morning Ladies, hope that your weekend was refreshing and relaxing! (mine was FINALLY) Okay, we all know that we should be continuing our pedicures into the winter and as per the poll last week most of you do continue to pamper your feet. Well.....this past Saturday I took myself to my regular nail salon located off of Main Street in Orange for my regular Saturday mani & pedi armed with the latest issue of Life & Style to read while soaking my feet. (this Sat I was alone and EXCITED about my girl time) Patricia prepared my water extra hot the way I love it and started to prepare for my pedicure. As she was getting situated she rearranged these glass jars full of products - I had never noticed these jars so of course I had to inquire. She explained that it was for the Spa Pedicure that was only $27!!!! (for those of you who frequent spa, you know that Spa Pedicures usually run $50-$75 depending on the spa location) I immediately signed up for the Spa Pedicure thinking that if it's horrible it's only an additional $10 that I have wasted of Trudi's money, lol! (she SO use to me wasting more)

So to get this Spa Pedicure jumping, Patricia added a sea green powder that smelled of peppermint to the water and tossed in a few faux red rose petals. (hey, for $27 I couldn't expect REAL petals) The smell was soothing and the bubbles that it created relaxed me even more! (the hell with Life & Style at this moment, I cranked up the iPod and pretended I was on the French Riviera at an exclusive spa for the "rich & famous") She did the regular nail cutting, filing, cuticle trimming, shaving, pumicing, washing, and disinfecting to perfection as she ALWAYS does which is why I ONLY let her do my feet. At this point I was just starting to nod off from the heat from the water, the massage from the chair, and the Nora Jones playing in my ear until she removed both of my feet from the water and started massaging them up and down with a salt exfoliant - BEST feeling in the world ladies!!!!!! (it felt so good that it was borderline sensual and i had to flip to a passionate Floetry song, lol) Next she rinsed me off with cooler water and applied a thick clay mask from the knee down, massaging it in until my legs were completely covered. (the smell of this mask could have been improved with a few drops of essential oil but hey - it's a $27 spa pedicure) Once dry, she rinsed me off again but this time with warmer water and patted me dry. This final step was the CLIMAX of the experience, she massaged my legs and feet with an peppermint/eucalyptus ointment that immediately made my overly tired legs and feet (from the past two weekends doing makeup) tingle with delight! It was cooling and refreshing and OH SO soothing ladies. Even after she removed it with a steaming hot towel and applied the lotion, I could still feel that cooling effects of this ointment. (I need to find out if I can order that stuff) I was painted and placed under the dryer for 10 min and then out the door.

This was a FABULOUS steal at only $27 and certainly had my feet singing with joy and ready for another week for 4" heels!!!! The salon is called Angel Nail Art, 150 Main Street, Unit 6, Orange, NJ 07050. (located in Orange Commons, across form the Main Street McDonalds in the same plaza as the Rent-A-Center) 973-672-7166

Until tomorrow - Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love-

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