Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Celebrity Gossip

Good Morning Ladies, here's a bit of gossip to start off your day:

Her to the right are two of the boys from the Jena 6 incident, Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones, on the red carpet of the BET Hip Hop Awards. (yes, I had to pick my mouth up off the ground too) WHY in the hell are they there? Where are their parents? Why were they invited? Isn't this violating probation? Oh I see, one you get the entire country to rally in your defense you obatin "star" status and spend time attending award shows!

Rumors have been circulating that Lauryn Hill is pregnant with her fifth child with Rohan Marley. Although a new baby is usually a “joyous occasion” this just seems like it’s more fuel to Lauryn’s downward spiral fire - and we know how low her spiral can go. Now she’ll be taking care of five kids solo while that shady Rohan character is living the single life in Ethopia. (wonder what he's doing in Ethopia) Poor thang....shouldn't he be cut off by now?

Jermaine Jackson is unemployed and broke. He states, “I currently do not have any employment” and “I do not have any income from which to pay support.” This support is what is supposed to go to his estranged wife Alejandra Jackson who is the mother of two of his eight children, Jaffar and Jermajesty. His wife, who also has two teenage children from a previous relationship with Jermaine’s youngest brother Randy and has been living with Jackson’s mother Katherine for quite sometime. She states that she only earns $81 a month? (and rumor has it that Janet has been taking care of the kids) Having kids that are siblings as well as cousins? Having a child named Jermajesty? Come on, that's a reality show right there!!!!! I'm sure VH1 would be interested. lol

Until tomorrow - Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love-

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