Monday, October 1, 2007

Afternoon Delight!

Beyonce’s Kuala Lumpur leg of her world tour was canceled because of protests from Malaysia’s Muslim groups. Apparently her scantily clad routines do not adhere to the Malaysian Muslim dress code which doesn’t allow female performers to show any skin from the top of the chest down to the knees. It’s reported that Beyonce refused to comply with their request to cover up so the show has been canceled.

Gwen Stefani covered up for Malaysia when she performed, so this must be that inner-diva coming out of your girl Bey. It’s not that hard to go a day without using that sex sells gimmick. She needs to throw on a smock and perform for her Malaysian least her weave can still be FABULOUS!

This is ANTM winner Jaslene in the Bahamas over the weekend. Does Tyra co-sign this sick look? Looks like all the weight is going to her chin. Tyra better be careful...... is going to get hit with a lawsuit for contributing to her death. She is SO in need of a two piece and a biscuit!

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