Thursday, October 18, 2007

Accessorizing For Fall

Since I have already filled you in on the hottest trends in fall wardrobe basics, I want to fill you in on the not-so-basics. In other words, we're talking accessories today, ladies! (after all, accessories are a girl's best friend) I'm here to teach you what to wear and what not to wear, so I'll include a few don'ts here and there.

First things first: why accessorize? (yes, I heard the very audible gasp from the true fashionistas amongst us). Darling girls, accessories are the yummy buttercream frosting on a luscious triple chocolate cake; and while a triple chocolate cake is indeed, a treat in and of itself, when you add that yummy buttercream frosting and oh, perhaps a maraschino cherry, you have a winner. Food analogies aside, accessories are what separate the fashionista from the wannabe. Step out to dinner in a jewel-tone dress and you are semi-chic. Add a triple-tiered chain necklace, a pair of Jimmy Choo's that would have Carrie Bradshaw salivating, plus a hot Marc Jacobs handbag and you are a partying like a total rock star!

I'm a lead-by-example type gal, so to answer this question let's use the example of belts. Traditionally a belt was worn to keep pants on, no? Belts were initially created to keep us from mooning the world every time we bent over. Today, on the other hand, belts are not so much fundamental as ornamental. Oh the many ways to don a belt!

1. Sacks to Saks - As in Saks Fifth Avenue. Turn your baggy sack dress into a form flattering beauty simply by cinching the waist (if you DO NOT have a tummy, I repeat.....if you DO NOT have a tummy that can not be controlled with lycra) with a soft suede belt. In this case, it does more than just accessorize; it actually serves the better purpose of showing off your fabulous curves in an utterly chic way.

2. Blah to BAM - Turn your otherwise texture-free tunic and jeans into a real outfit by adding a little texture to the mix via a thick belt worn loosely at the hips. Add a chunky bracelet and you've got all the texture in the world, but in a good way.

3. Clutch to Shoulder - That's right, you can even combine accessories to create a new look. Use a thin belt to turn a clutch into a shoulder bag. Do take care to pair the belt and clutch wisely, ladies. The right accessory can make your look.

Until tomorrow - Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love-

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